Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

It goes without saying that regular septic tank pumping is the best way to avoid a messy backup into your home, costly repairs, or premature replacement of one or more of the components of your septic system. There is one more reason why this is such an important part of your home maintenance regime that we bet you haven’t thought of.

Septic Tank Pumping — Do you need to I used to think to gray water pit was a great concept. Then I read one of the sidebars to this thread wherein it was stated that the soaps and detergents actually work to speed up or enhance the performance of the bacteria. Something to think about.

Re: Just had the septic tank pumped out.. Author: hj (AZ) If there is a leak somewhere in the bathroom, we cannot check it from here. After the tank is pumped, and until it refills with water, there will be a lot more odor and air circulation in it.

12 years later and I never had my septic pumped out very easy to do maintenance and save you big-bucks in the long run.

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 · My septic tank is from the 50s, huge concrete one. I had it pumped the other day and the guy stopped pumping only after removing 3 ft of waste, when my neighbor said our tanks are about 6ft deep. So basically should the tank be completely emptied or some sludge remaining? He said sludge should remain for bacteria reasons, but also seemed in a rush to get it done and be on his.

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