Florida Lawmakers Aim to Speed Up Foreclosures

First-Time Homebuyer Programs for Florida Residents Florida First time home buyer programs provide financial assistance for people to buy a primary residence, usually their first house. Most of these are administered by the federal, state, or local governments, or by non-profit organizations.

NEW YORK(CNNMoney) — Say bye-bye to Florida’s rocket-docket foreclosure courts. Facing a major budget shortfall, state lawmakers have opted. And judges only speed through cases where homeowners.

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She said her top priority for the next two years is blunting Florida’s high rate of home foreclosures, as well as promoting other projects, such as completion of an overdue Orlando hospital for.

For example, of 43 issues identified by the Florida Chamber of Commerce this year, the legislature took the Chamber’s position on 32. Lawmakers also passed – and the governor signed – bills that will.

The Democratic lawmakers, led by Rep. Zoe Lofgren and House Speaker. been investigating whether law firms created and filed fraudulent documentation to speed up foreclosure proceedings..

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – For the second year in a row, Florida lawmakers on Wednesday debated a proposal to speed up the state’s residential mortgage foreclosure process and make it fairer to.

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With Florida atop or near atop the list of foreclosure-ridden states, lawmakers on Thursday began looking again at ways to speed up the handling of foreclosure cases that now can take two years or more to wind their way through the courts. Florida’s requirement that foreclosure cases go before a.

Alison Turkos, a rape survivor who spent the days leading up to the vote confronting senators in and around Washington, says she has no intention of slowing down her activism. It’s the only way to get.

Florida lawmakers keep trying to speed up foreclosures with a measure that has been debated and modified for four consecutive legislative sessions. The legislative track is taking nearly as long as a foreclosure. Florida is one of the hardest hit states by the national foreclosure crisis that peaked after the real estate collapse of 2008.

 · The 4th District Court of Appeal thwarted an attempt to speed up Palm Beach County foreclosure cases with a Wednesday order freezing measures put in place earlier this year by Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath. The order was in response to challenges from Royal Palm Beach foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice, who also asked the Florida Supreme Court to weigh in on Colbath’s order.

Poll: Should Florida Lawmakers Speed Up The Foreclosure Process? Posted by 4closureFraud on February 15, 2013 9 Comments . Poll: Speed up foreclosures. Should state lawmakers speed up the foreclosure process? Submit your (no).

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