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We cannot expect justice for Barry Bonds, nor even the kind of treatment under either the law, or media scrutinty, that Mark McGuire, for example, or Sammy Sosa would have received. Bonds had the curse of being the best player, not merely of his generation, but perhaps of all time.

After Thursday’s ride, I met a few long time cycling friends in Dublin on Friday evening. Prior to that, I spent the day in my woods. 20+ years ago this was a field before I planted 500 trees, mostly red oaks.

Appraisals: When Demand Outpaces the Market – American Liberty Mortgage, Inc. – Orlando, Florida The Connecticut Court of Appeals recently found that the prohibition on yield spread premiums in the Dodd- Frank Act did not establish a per se violation for a fraud claim under the Connecticut Unfair.

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17. Juni 2019. ine food and wine, a picturesque cityscape on the riverbank, a relaxed atmosphere and good weather: Portugal's second largest city is a perfect.

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I haven’t posted anything here for ages, so you probably guessed this: I’m shutting up my blog for the Winter. My garden looks bedraggled and messy at present, and there is very little for me to write about. Who wants to see photos of my last few tomatoes, still holding out against the encroaching Blight?

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Comments: Greetings to the Class of ’69. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to read the updated information and pictures that you’ve all entered.

Wellness Travel in Florida – LivingBetter50 A mind-blowing trip to Ubud, Bali (or these seven other dreamy wellness destinations) is definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list. But the cost of the average blissed-out escape can be a ma

Greetings from the grove avenue ganzers.. Mark Ganzer’s Blog. The truth about Social Security is that it is not in crisis (but) [m]ake no mistake: the war against Social Security has been launched, and a key battle is coming in February.

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As a reader of this blog I suspect that you, like me, are the IT support staff for your family and friends. And I bet many of you performed system maintenance duties when you visited your family and friends during the recent holidays. Every time I’m visiting my mom, I typically spend a few minutes. January 3, 2012 By Mark Russinovich 23