Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

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African American voters, meanwhile, appear to have overwhelmingly supported Clinton – a development that could bode extremely well for her given the run of Southern states with large black electorates.

Going Further. The steady and seemingly inexorable unification of the Democratic Party behind Hillary Clinton stands in striking contrast with the rancorous and widening schisms within the Republican Party over the dominance of Donald J. Trump, who swept contests from the Northeast to the Deep South on Tuesday. Now,

It also conjures up the specter that haunts the 2020 campaign, whom Warren at least superficially resembles: hillary clinton. super tuesday on March 3, which for the first time will feature.

That might frame a compelling argument about why Sanders can’t or won’t win the nomination, but as an argument that Clinton should win it – well, what adjective would you prefer? Weak? Feeble?.

Super Tuesday – find news stories, facts, pictures and video about Super Tuesday – Page 2 | Newser. – Hillary Clinton invested heavily to try to lock up the Democratic presidential nomination.

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The Super Tuesday schedule also includes Texas, where 252 delegates are up-for-grabs, and a host of other states with a higher delegate count such as Tennessee and Virginia.

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For Democrats, everybody knew Hillary Clinton was going to win in a walk over Bernie Sanders, so it probably didn’t seem like the most important thing they had to do that day. Of if there had been.

But this election year is very different. It has everything to do with Bernie Sanders and especially Donald Trump. But Sanders and Trump notwithstanding, the real story is that Super Tuesday is setting up President Clinton II – almost like a script from a long-winded movie.

Clinton, Trump Lead on Super Tuesday, Billionaire’s Favorability Doubles US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have solidified their leads in the Democratic and Republican primaries as voters from a dozen US states head to the polls on Super Tuesday, according to results of the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey poll.

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Ten Democratic senators are facing re-election in states president trump won in 2016, five of which he took by double digits.