Trained K9’s For Sale – Scent Evidence K9

Tarheel Canine offers Trained K9s in the following areas of concentration obedience. area search, Scent Discrimination Trailing, Evidence Search, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, We also offer sales of green and titled K9s.

ScentLogix K9 and evd scent kits for the detection of illegal and hazardous substances are the world s first scientifically-inspired scent kits containing essential scent signatures for the evaluation and training of search-and-detect creatures, such as detector canines, in the detection of chemical explosive materials such as TNT, Dynamite, RDX, TATP, Semtex, Smokeless Powder, HMTD, Black.

Intro to Police K9 Training. Man-K9 provides a comprehensive range of services in the world of police K-9 training. Our core expertise comes from training numerous top-notch police K-9’s and their handlers. Our high-end training strategies help keep officers safe and empower them and their police K-9’s to perform at exceptional levels.

Trained K9's For Sale including human scent discriminate bloodhounds and electronic communication device scent detection labradors.

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Scent discriminate bloodhounds are the cornerstone of successful K9 trailing teams. Scent Evidence K9 dogs are trained to the demanding standards of our m77 human scent discriminate K9 Training Plan, utilizing registered and standardized scent discriminate trailing processes for training our AKC registered K9’s.

Working K9 Training. Want a working dog? No problem!. For information about the lawful use of K9s for wounded game recovery click HERE.. RYP collaborated with Up a Level K9 to put on a ‘Making Scents of Nose work’ seminar covering intro to scent detection and manhunting.

WI K9 SOS is a. Our members certify K9s through the following national-recognized agencies: LETS, NASDN, NAPWDA in trailing, cadaver, water cadaver, and live area scent. Our members purchase all.

The delay meant a rape kit could not provide DNA evidence. criticism of scent lineups. And the critics include some of the nation’s most experienced search-dog handlers. "We have a saying in dog.

At K9 Unlimited, we personally test and select all the dogs for sale as if we were selecting the dogs for ourselves and do not buy dogs from videos like most US based vendors. We go through great lengths to select top dogs for Sport, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Scent Detection, Private Security, and Personal and Family Protection dogs.

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