Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

The King has lost his crown. Billy Mitchell, the infamous and former record-holder of Donkey Kong, has had his gaming records striken from the books by Twin Galaxies. When it comes to records in games, Twin Galaxies is the end-all be-all. Their decision is the one that truly matters and according to them, Billy Mitchell cheated.

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billy mitchell stripped of "Donkey Kong" high scores and banned from the world’s largest tracker of video game world records for cheating.. to remove all of Billy Mitchell’s’ scores as well.

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The most famous donkey kong player’s scores scrutinized over alleged emulator use. That creates deceptively high scores. King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell accused of faking. and Twin Galaxies.

Of interesting note for those unaware, Steve Wiebe submitted a 947,700 to Twin Galaxies way back in 2001 or 2002, then Billy submitted a direct-feed performance of 1,047,700 in May/05 for entertainment purposes at the Funspot 2005 event in which he intentionally achieved a score exactly 100K higher than Wiebe’s, so perhaps it is a fitting deja.

The case against an all-time donkey kong great, explained (update). point high scores thrown out by Donkey Kong’s largest online community. Another is under question at Twin Galaxies, the.

Donkey Kong champ Billy Mitchell’s high scores wiped after cheating evidence emerges. Mitchell’s Donkey Kong high score. A decade on, Twin Galaxies has determined that several of Mitchell’s.

After a lengthy arbitration process, Twin Galaxies, an organization that keeps track of video game world records, has decided to remove arcade game player Billy Mitchell’s high scores, deeming the.

Ex-‘Donkey Kong’ Champ Finally Speaks After Getting Bruised By New Doc. On Saturday, Twin Galaxies referee Todd Rogers is bringing a tape of Wiebe’s current "Donkey Kong" world record – 1,049,100 – to the International Classic Videogame & Pinball Championships at Funspot in Weirs, New Hampshire.

Anonymous 1: Twin Galaxies only allows one score per player. As soon as you beat one of your previous scores, the old one is replaced with the new one. Billy and Steve have both beaten the scores they achieved in the movie. Anonymous 2: Unfortunately, 60-in-1 boards are not (currently) accepted by Twin Galaxies for Donkey Kong scores.