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As you can see there are several ways to come up with the mortgage down payment money you’ll need to purchase an investment property. You can save your own money, borrow from yourself or others, find a partner or lower the down payment owner occupying the property.

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Purchasing or refinancing a home can be a huge undertaking. You can count on us to lead you to the loan program that’s best for you. We have a team of mortgage experts to walk you through this important financial decision. For assistance in finding the appropriate loan program for your situation, you can contact us at 405-513-7700.

 · The more money you put down, the lower the mortgage and its monthly payments, and the greater your ability to refinance the unit later on.. Don’t get suckered by a low down payment.

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How Does the Size of your Down Payment Impact Your mortgage? simply put, the amount of cash you put down in the beginning affects how much you pay for your house. The rule of thumb for down payments is this: A smaller down payment means you spend more on your home; a bigger down payment means you spend less .

 · BradMcCunn. Congratulations on being Pre-Approved through Huntington Mortgage Group for a FHA One Close Construction Permanent loan. Your pre-approval was based off a lot price of $50,000 and a build price of $150,000. You will need a down payment of 20% which is $40,000 that can come from lot equity and your down payment plus closing costs.

Consider whether this might be your time to lock a rate. A year ago, those starter rates were at 3.87%, on average. When you apply for a mortgage, you’ll need down payment money. Find a savings.

There are additional requirements for FHA down payment gifts in 2017. The mortgage lender who is funding the loan must obtain a "gift letter" from the person who is gifting the money to the borrower. At a minimum, this letter must state that the donor does not expect any form of repayment, as stated above.

There are only three ways to save for a down payment on a house. 1. Cut your expenses so that you have more income left over for savings. 2. Get a higher paying job. 3. Buy a cheaper house, so that the down payment is smaller. Search for Missing Money. One of the first things I tell everyone on my email newsletter is to check for missing money.